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Founded in 2002 by former Kentucky state legislator, Mary Ann Tobin, Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit organization that provides care to sick, injured and orphaned wildlife throughout the state of Kentucky.  We rely on donations from the public to continue our work, and do not receive any state or federal funding.

Our mission statement:  To provide a safe, healing haven for the orphaned, the injured, the abused, the infirm and the outcast, where all hurting creatures, including the human creature, help one another in their mutual distress; and through this interaction, each gaining comfort and support from the other, become the free, independent, and beautiful spirits which they were meant to be.

Broadbent’s goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and release native wildlife back into their natural environment.  We are a state and federally-licensed facility.  Our staff includes a full-time, on-site veterinarian, and wildlife rehabilitators licensed by the state of Kentucky, in addition to trained, compassionate animal caretakers, who work together to provide the highest quality of care possible. Our staff regularly attends educational conferences and seminars to keep up with the latest treatments, techniques, and medicines.

Animals that are permanently disabled or unable to be released but can still have a good quality of life remain at the sanctuary with permission from federal and state agencies and may become Educational Ambassadors to assist in local programs for schools, camps, and civic organizations. Our educational staff offers programs customized to various age groups with information about the many native species and the environmental factors that affect them, along with teaching respect for all animals and what we can do to make a difference.

Broadbent also provides a safe haven for abandoned and abused exotic birds and other exotic animals that were former pets, as well as horses.  We have limited space for these animals and may not be able to accept every abandoned exotic pet.

Houdini the Legendary I-65 Goat Joins the Broadbent Family

Houdini the I-65 Goat, who spent years alongside I-65 in Hardin County, becoming somewhat of celebrity, is now living the good life at Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary.  Houdini was involved in a traffic mishap in October of 2018, and was eventually brought to us for treatment.  He will live out his life with his own barn, lots of room to play, healthy meals and quality vet care.  He's quite a character and everyone loves him - visitors and staff alike!  

Houdini Day at Broadbent is scheduled for Saturday, May 18, 2019 from 1-6 PM, E.T..  This is a chance to meet Houdini, go on a guided tour of the sanctuary, and meet our Educational Animal Ambassadors.  A $10 donation PER CAR is requested at the gate.  Food will be provided by Girl Scout Troop 1494 for a small additional amount. All proceeds will benefit Houdini and the animals of Broadbent.  Our new Houdini t-shirts will also be available at the event for $20.

For those who can't attend, Houdini shirts are available in several styles and sizes for a limited time just by clicking the support now button below.


Houdini the Legendary I-65 Goat

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